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"I wanted to say thank you to Angela for all of your help over the last several months.  I have been very fortunate to have been able to deal with a great group of folks that did an outstanding job in helping me get back to doing what I love to do.  I’m sure that other P/T facilities could have provided a good level of care, but I’m also sure they couldn’t do it the way you all did.  To me, you are not just my “physical therapy group”.  I consider you all my friends!  Please share this with Andy and Keith, and if you ever need a testimonial from a patient, please feel free to call me.  Thanks again and be well." – William Carrigan



"I have multiple sclerosis and have been a patient at Long Trial PT since 2005.  I credit Michelle with my mobility and balance as she is always changing my program to address any concerns that either my doctor or I have.  Michelle understands that with MS, problems can change from visit to visit such as being tight, loose or that I’ve fallen.  Michelle and Brad work closely with me whether I’m being stretched or doing exercises. Hannah is at the desk greeting you when you come in and she always is cheerful and smiling. I have recommended them to friends and will continue to do so." – Jody



"Over the last several years, I’ve gone to several physical therapy practices for work on my shoulder.  Long Trail Physical Therapy in Burlington is by far the best.  Keith Karpinski and Andy Filion each have an abundance of skill and expertise.  Whether they are working on patients directly, or giving feedback on exercise routines, they are focused, clear and extremely helpful.  In addition to technical expertise, the climate and environment of LTPT is absolutely amazing.  I’m a firm believer that one’s attitude and state of mind play a big part in health and wellness.  The LTPT staff create a great atmosphere that is supportive and fun, and which fosters a wonderful camaraderie among patients and staff.  Best of all, LTPT produces results.  In my experience, I’ve observed many patients, including myself, making steady progress toward our PT goals.  LTPT gets my highest recommendation."  – Paul Behrman



"My name is Bill Loney, I am a 72 year old male who had both knees replaced in April of 2011. After re-hab at the hospital and at home I decided to visit Long Trail P.T. I met with Keith and Andy at the Burlington facility, they got me started on the correct road to recovery. When my wife and I moved to our summer home in Georgia, I transferred to Milton where I met Joe and Kim who continued the same excellent services. If there ever comes a time when I need P.T. trust me it will be with Long trail. I would be remiss if I did not mention the support staff, Samantha, and Angie in Burlington, and Jessica in Milton great people." – William E. Loney



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"I had been afraid to go to PT in the beginning.  I feel so much better after each visit that I can’t wait to come back."


                                                                - F. Ann Sullivan

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