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"I wanted to say thank you to Angela for all of your help over the last several months. I have been very fortunate to have been able to deal with a great group of folks that did an outstanding job in helping me get back to doing what I love to do. I’m sure that other P/T facilities could have provided a good level of care, but I’m also sure they couldn’t do it the way you all did. To me, you are not just my “physical therapy group”. I consider you all my friends! Please share this with Andy and Keith, and if you ever need a testimonial from a patient, please feel free to call me. Thanks again and be well."

– William Carrigan

Mark Coleman OTR/L of Workability PL provides Functional Capacity Evaluations out of our Middlebury office. This will provide Addison County with convenient access to this evaluation. Until now, patients would have had to travel to Burlington or Rutland for these services. Workability is a local business and a leader in the provision of functional capacity testing in Vermont.

Workability PLC

Dan Kraucunas recently joined Long Trail as an Athletic Trainer and provides expert Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation services to his patients. He also serves as Head Athletic Trainer at Burlington High School. After completing his undergraduate degree in Athletic Training from the University of Vermont, Dan Kraucunas, ATC earned his Master's in Athletic Training from Ohio University.

Burlington High School

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Physical Therapy

Our qualified team of experts are well equipped to serve you and your loved ones. We specialize in treating conditions of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints. Staying on top of current trends and technologies, we are able to provide progressive methods of orthopedic and sports rehabilitation.

Our physical therapy services include:

•  Pre/Post Surgery Rehabilitation Programs

•  Sports Related Injuries

•  Osteo-Arthritic Conditions

•  Spinal Dysfunction

•  Acute Injury Care

•  Sprains & Strains

•  Tendonitis/Bursitis

•  Post Fractures

•  Total Joint Replacement

•  ACL Rehabilitation

•  Over-Use Injuries

•  Strength & Conditioning Programs

•  Athletic Reconditioning

•  Aqua Therapy (Middlebury only)Long Trail Extension (All


FREE Injury Screenings

With four convenient locations, we offer a wide variety of physical therapy services to the residents of Burlington, Middlebury, Milton and Richmond.

Here when you need us

We offer our patients FREE injury screenings. This includes an assessment and tips for treatment should the therapist feel the need for formal physical therapy. Your insurance may need a doctors referral in order for treatment to begin. Contact us today to find out what required in order for treatment to be covered.

We specialize in:

•  Outpatient Sports

•  Orthopedic Rehabilitation

•  Wellness Programs

•  Aquatic Therapy

•  Free Injury Screen

•  Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Long Trail Extension

We are personalized fitness program that starts where conventional physical therapy ends. We offer you with short-term and long-term attainable goals for the future. The duration of your treatment depends on your fitness level and desire. During our FREE initial fitness consultation, we’ll explain how we can design a fitness program specifically for you and your unique needs.

What we offer:

•  Focus on endurance and strength training or preventive care

•  Work on strength training, flexibility and cardiovascular exercise

•  Use proper techniques to maximize fitness benefits and minimize risk of injury

•  Understand your workout program through continued education

•  Focus on target areas

•  Have fun while getting fit

Enjoy the perks today

When you sign up to become a member, you will enjoy access to a variety of exercise equipment at our fitness center. You’ll also receive continual tips from all of the qualified staff for only $40 per month with no enrollment fee.


Call any of our locations, and get on the road to fitness today!

Kim received a bachelor's of Science degree in Athletic Medicine and a minor in Nutrition and Exercise Science from the University of Vermont. She has been certified as an Athletic Trainer by the National Athletic Training Association for nine years. Kim is the Athletic Trainer at Milton High School where she provides care, prevention, and rehabilitation to her student athletes.

Milton High School